How Striving For Depth In Your Life Is More Fulfilling In The End

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I don’t know about you, but when I lay down on my bed for my last breath, I want to have lived a full life. One that is not about just existing, but living each day.  One that you are truly living and not skimming the service.

Skimming the service is just letting things come to you and not caring how they transpire.  I don’t know about you, but that is no way to live.  I live my life by the way that Ralph Waldo Emerson described when he said, “It is not length of life, but depth of life.”

See, in my opinion, I think you should live a life full of learning, traveling, and deep conversations.  You should be learning about things that interest you.  Fully learning and immersing yourself in disciplines that you are not familiar with.

You should be traveling to places that you have never been to.  Even if that means to other side of town or your state.  If you are adventurous, go to another state or country.  But get out and see the things that are not familiar to you.  Sure, it’s fine to go place that you are familiar with, but they are in your comfort zone and we don’t want to live there.

We want to go places that aren’t known to us.  And have deep conversations with anyone you encounter and is willing to engage with you.  Sit and listen to them.  Practice active listening and let them know that you understand and value their time.  And come away from the conversation have a deep and profound appreciation for the time you spent together.

Life is about experiencing things down to the depths of our soul.  It’s about knowing that every fiber in your body has lived its purpose and you are fully satisfied.  Can you say that about your life right now? If not, it’s time to get to work.

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The 40 Percent Rule of Life

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Have you ever taken on a task and felt completely burnt out undergoing it?  Have you studied for hours and hours only to feel like you couldn’t go on anymore?  Or when  you are undergoing a grueling workout and your body is telling you to quit?

Yea, well don’t.  Because you are nowhere near the level of exertion to quit.  A Navy SEAL recently talked about the 40% Rule.  Basically, he said that When your mind is telling you,  “you’re done”, you’re really only 40% done. The rule is that when you think that you have depleted all your energy and can’t go anymore, you actually can.  Your determination will start to wane and things will get uncomfortable, but that is the precise time when your will and perseverance have to kick in.

And I truly believe that.  Why?  Because in my military career I have been in many situations where I felt that my fellow soldiers and I gave our all, only to find the will to continue on.  It was always someone on the team who recognized our deficit and saw that we were not giving our all.  They took the lead and pushed us all out of our comfort zone.

Since retiring in November 2015,  I have been confronted with some pretty serious events, but I dug deep and quickly realized that I wasn’t utilizing my full strengths switched gears to get through the hardships.  I believe that each human being was granted time on this planet to achieve everything that their heart desires.  To push themselves further than they believe is possible.  But the main problem is that being uncomfortable is not where a lot of people want to be.

Being uncomfortable is a scary place.  It heightens your senses and makes you hair stand on edge. And when many of us get that feeling, we succumb to our nervousness and retreat into our comfortable world.  But how will we ever find out how uniquely special we are? How will we ever figure out that we can do a lot more than we ever imagined?

The 40 % Rule.  Anytime you feel your mind start to tell you that what you have done is enough:  think 40%.  Anytime you think that you can’t study anymore and that your eyes are numb: think 40%, take a quick break and get back after it.

You are not weak. You are just afraid of how far you can actually push your body. Click To Tweet And that’s perfectly fine.  Just remember that you are only at 40% of your most vulnerable state and you have 60% more to give.

Push yourself.



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